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Cree Announces Industry’s First Lighting-class LED Array
Cree has released XLamp® CXA20 LED Array, which is regard as the industry’s first lighting-class LED array, aiming at accelerating the...

EU project to accelerate uptake of quality, affordable solid-state lighting
The three-year Consumerizing Solid-State Lighting (CSSL) project covers the entire lighting-supply chain and plans to help keep...

UL 8750 safety standard for LED lighting is published
After nearly three years in development, the standard covering product safety of LED lighting equipment has now been published...

Cree announces commercial availability of XLamp XP-G LED
The latest small-footprint, cool-white LED from Cree has an output of up to 367 lm when driven at 1A, and an efficacy of up to 132 lm/W at 350...


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New Breakthrough in UL Approval

25 October, 2010


ISO9000--- Another touchstone of our high quality

1 April, 2010


Updates on Dimmer compatibilities

4 February, 2010


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