Cree announces commercial availability of XLamp XP-G LED

The latest small-footprint, cool-white LED from Cree has an output of up to 367 lm when driven at 1A, and an efficacy of up to 132 lm/W at 350 mA.

Cree, Inc. has announced commercial availability of the XLamp® XP-G LED, described as “the industry’s brightest and most efficient lighting-class LED”. The new product was previewed earlier this year in a press release before Light fair. The XP-G LED, currently available in cool-white, can produce up to 367 lumens when driven at 1A, at a typical efficacy of 111 lm/W. The highest-performing bin also has a standard minimum flux at 350 mA of 139 lm. The XP package size is 3.45 x 3.45 mm. This makes the XP-G 46% brighter and 64% more efficient than the highest-performance XR-E LED, with an 80 percent smaller footprint.

“Cree’s XLamp XP-G cool white LEDs set a new standard for LED performance,” said David Chow, president, Stevens, LLC. “For our flashlights, the XLamp XP-G LED was a clear choice because of its high lumen output, unmatched efficacy and compact package size.” This level of performance can potentially reduce the required number of LEDs, as well as the size and cost of LED fixtures. High efficacy at lower current (up to 132 lm/W typical at 350 mA) can lower the total power requirement for a portable or solar lighting application, which can reduce the amount of solar cells or batteries needed.

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