New Product Development 2010

With 100% surge in sales in 2009, Light Emission Technology (LET) is going to spend $300,000 on product development in 2010. This year's version of the annual catalog is filled with new offerings, upgrading, as well as lower prices on many of the quality items consumers have loved. LET plans to offer a wide range of well-designed, high-efficiency, functional lighting products focusing on customer application and warranty, including:

* MR16- LET will introduce two new models of MR16 which are made with CREE's newer high-efficiency LEDs. With only 4 watts of power consumption, they reach 235 lumens of light output for warm white (2700K – 3500K CCT), and 305 lumens for cool white (5000K – 6350K CCT).

* Single-lens PAR20 / PAR30 / PAR38- LET is committed to be considerate of user experience. Our current multiple-lens PAR20, PAR30, and PAR38 will be altered into single-lens version. It can greatly decrease glare, and bring the users similar experience as the traditional lighting does.

* PAR20 / PAR30 / PAR38 with GU24 base- LET is going to offer the PAR bulbs with GU24 base. Both of the multiple-lens version and the new single-lens version are available.

* A19-This is LET's first A-line lamp. It will be made with CREE's newest LEDs. Thanks to CREE's revolutionary technology, LET will be able to offer the A19 lamps of highest efficacy in the market.

* PL lamp-There is a big market for the LED PL-C lamp over the traditional CFL PL-C because there are thousands of this type of fitting and fixture in shops and offices all over the world. That's the reason we want to convert the CFL PL-C to LED version. LET is creating three models of LED PL-C lamp, so that we can replace the traditional CFL PL-C listed below: 1) Wattage: 26 watts Overall Length: 165 - 170 mm 2) Wattage: 18 watts Overall Length: 146 - 154 mm 3) Wattage: 13 watts Overall Length: 131 - 133 mm

* 4' / 6' Down Light- After a setback of the first down light development, LET is looking to innovate a new design. It is designed into two kinds of spec for North America and Europe. Not only the light output will be greatly improved, but also the cost will be much fairer.

* Full line of T5 / T8- In 2009, LET launched the T5 / T8 of 24' and 48'. In 2010, LET is going to offer a full line of T5 / T8. T5 will be available in 6', 12', 24', 36', and 48'. T8 will be available in 18', 24', 36', and 48'. What's more, by designing smarter and using materials more efficiently, LET will ensure customers get more for less money.

* Commercial lighting

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